Artist Bio


Looking back, it all started with my first place award in the intercollegiate music festival presented by Frank Sinatra himself. Then on to New York with pianist Mike Hurley and violin virtuoso Neil Gottlieb and then signing a three album deal with Clive Davis of Columbia Records.

And when Van Morrison came out of a seven year hiatus and performed live at Philharmonic Hall, it was AHG that opened for him with a group of elite musicians. But when Clive left Columbia, so did Arthur, Hurley & Gottlieb, on to A&M Records after we got a call from Jerry Moss himself. Then on to California for album number two, produced by Steve Dorff (wrote "Through The Years" from the film "Every Which Way But Loose").

The second album was picked by Time magazine as one of the seven best albums of 1975 along with Bob Dylan's "Blood On The Tracks" and Linda Ronstadt’s "Heart Like a Wheel."

The first album was produced by David Spinozza (James Taylor, Paul McCartney, Saturday Night Live band). I was one of the blessed few that got to see the Beatles live at the Ed Sullivan show then got to perform with my idol, John Lennon just six years later, after his 1st album was released.

In retrospect, I think our move west was the beginning of the end for the band. We were an east coast band where our family and friends were and we just didn't fit into the west coast lifestyle. But we had a great run and have some amazing memories that we'll have the rest of our lives. By way of this anthology we hope to share some of them with you.
- Jeff Arthur 2014